Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Stranded Store

Hidden off of Goodwood Road, The Stranded Store is an undiscovered wonder for most. You're greeted at the entrance by friendly staff, and guided to a table. Once you're seated, your eyes can wander to the beautiful maps on the wall, the simple yet artistic decor.

The menus are presented on clipboards, which although looks great, is a bit impractical. I was at The Stranded Store for breakfast, however I'm certainly looking forward to the chance to go back there for lunch!

I chose the mushrooms, which was button mushrooms, goat's cheese and radicchio, served on garlic toast drizzled in balsamic. I also had a hot chocolate to drink. Among the group there were a few people that got the Eggs Benedict, which looked incredibly appetising.

My dish was tasty, although a relatively small serving for the price paid. It seemed quite large at first, but that was mostly due to the large pile of radicchio plonked on top. There was a reasonable amount of mushrooms, certainly not enough goat's cheese however. The garlic toast was just simply toast, and not what I expected, albeit was quite a nice accompaniment to the rest of the dish.

The hot chocolate was the perfect level of sweet, and tasted fantastic. My only qualm was that it was almost lukewarm by the time it arrived at our table.

All in all, a lovely place with tasty food and drinks. A nice place to go out for breakfast with friends, but I have heard it can be very busy on the weekends - ensure you have a reservation.


The Stranded Store
4 The Strand
Colonel Light Gardens
Ph: 0413 404 465

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